Monday, August 11, 2008

Speedy Monday

A sneak peek the day of the shoot...gotta love that! I love getting to things so fast. Laundry...not so much. Shoots...YES!

A while back, I got a comment, telling me that I must be some kind of super-woman, doing shoots, being a mom, and getting sessions done so quickly...for all you photographers out there, let me explain.
I DO NOT proof the entire session in the same day as the shoot. :) Here's my the session, grab 4-6 quick images that I feel like playing with in photoshop, proof those only, post those images as my client's sneak peek, and then get to proofing the rest when I have 2 hours of UNINTERUPTED TIME (ie. nightime, when my husband or my mom is watching the kids, or when I threaten my kid's lives if they come into my office...they are 10 & 12...they can handle a little threat now and then.) I'm usually backed up with enough sessions that I am 1-2 weeks out from getting to any current session. So, nope, not a super-woman. lol!

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