Wednesday, July 23, 2008

dreaming of Greece

Yesterday was great...a great shoot, lots of proofing, lots of time with my daughter playing with my hair, and then MAMA MIA!!!! Best movie ever. Loved it. Even with Pierce Brosnan's singing (sorry mom. yes, he's cute. I get it.)
We really need to break into song more often. With a bit of dance as well. And wear more sequins. and smile and laugh more. and live on a Greek island. with dreamy blue and aqua crackling paint on all wood doors.


Anonymous said...

Just saw Mamma Mia with my mom and sisters--I thought it was great fun. And I'm still a big Pierce fan...even with the bad singing. :)

Anonymous said...

at least he stays on key. :) i saw this with Morgan & then we all went to the drive ins to see Wall-E. We took 2 casr so Mo & I could stay for the double feature - Mamma Mia! :) I loved it. It WAS beautiful.