Monday, June 2, 2008

Thanks to a bird singing some unending song right outside our window this morning, I've been up since 5am. And while I was laying there, all I could think about was FACEBOOK. I signed up yesterday, so that I could get in touch with some high school friends and there's like this whole community that I've been missing out on. And you can have a virtual bulletin board with FLAIR. And virtual cupcakes. And daily "the Office" quotes. Heaven.

This week includes sending multiple threatening emails to my server provider, because I still cannot send out email. Clients...if you've been emailing me, I will call you today. Also, the start of high school senior picture season starts this week. And more family shoots. And soccer tournaments. And maybe some Otter Pop eating is in store.

It's Monday. It's June. And that means all kinds of goodness. Smooches!

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Tawn said...

happy and monday... two words than never go together in my vocabulary! you are such an optimist. :)