Monday, May 12, 2008


I think this may have been my most favorite shoot ever. I loved everything that came from the camera. Yummy. She so beautiful and was game for anything. Love that!!!! She's putting out a CD, so I felt the creative freedom to play, both during the shoot and with post-processing.
Enjoy your sneak peek! I can't wait to finish proofing your shoot! :)


kerry said...

GORGEOUS. all of it. becky, you, your shots...fabulous. you are one talented woman...just in case i haven't said it recently. :o) two beautiful babies both in front and behind the camera.

Anonymous said...

Cathy...once again you've outdone yourself! Of course, Becky is beautiful...but these shots are really great examples of how talented you are. I hope I get to see the rest. You are an amazing photographer. And I think you're pretty cool too. :)

alison said...

I can completely see these on a CD cover, they are wonderful! Love coming to your blog and hearing what music you've got playing.