Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I am in total denial...

It can't be the last day in April. Really. I'm not on board at all. And I have been miss neglectful blogger of late. What have I been doing? Trying not to spend an hour looking for the perfect bike picture to make a random image to put on my blog! :) Sometimes I love searching, creating, killing time. Sometimes I just want to bust through some work. Ebb and flow.

BUT, my big news is that one of my awesome clients/friends had a bike for use!!! Thank you thank you thank you. I have been pedalling my way to skinny town. (does anyone know where that is and how far?) It is heavenly to work out and be done for the day. My bum is a little unhappy about the whole thing, but I will be going out today to find some kind of squishy cushion to appease it.

Okay, back to work, y'all!

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Anonymous said...

well, i don't know where skinny town is, but if you find it SEND ME DIRECTIONS! :)