Friday, March 14, 2008

be back later this weekend

hi all!
My daughter is sick, and I have been up at 4am in the morning for one reason or another for the last few days...very unusual for me, I'm usually a great sleeper. But I've had to re-type these words a bunch of times each, so I know it's effecting me. Just wanted you to know i'm okay, but can't put anything up here creative or inspiring. Some days are like that. That's okay. :)

Edit: was just playing around for a few minutes...what do think of THIS business card?


Anonymous said...

Cool business card,I think that you should use it. What's that in the background? Camera, plug, ect. This site rules! I come hear almost every day, I think. Is it an old fashoned camera? Well, THIS SITE ROCKS!!!

Tawn said...

my favorite so far...