Saturday, February 23, 2008

more business card angst...

I have been working and thinking about logos and my website and my identity since the beginning of the year. I was totally inspired by Helena Rutan's logo and thought I'd have a play at it. (Helena, I hope you don't mind!) Didn't copy it exactly, but I loved how the letters changed colors. I love color. and I just can't seem to identify with any of the graphics that I've used on the previous tries. What do you all think? On the right track?
This week, I'm gonna totally update and change my website (with the very limited amount of html that I know. lol!), so check it out later for fantastic updates. I've had the most wonderful clients and I cannot wait to put some of their images up.
btw, yesterday's yoga was everything a yoga class should be...absolutely wonderful, plus, I'm a wee bit sore today, which I love. Love being aware of my body. And then I had lunch with a friend and went shopping at macy's and actually found 3 shirts I feel FANTASTIC in AND a blue HUGE purse. completely on sale. perfection. off to clean, drink a diet root beer, and check on my family. happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Like the color, fonts... Also like how you included your passions on the last sets of business cards. Maybe you could mix a little of both. Happy Saturday. Been gardening, playing in the dirt. Love it! JW

Anonymous said...

I really liked the logo, and I liked the squareyness. (LOL:)) .