Friday, February 1, 2008

I found 2 new blogs that everyone needs to see...

I know, I know. I was just preaching about spending less time looking at blogs. BUT. I have some good they are...
1. I am waiting for the FedEx guy or UPS guy or whoever will be bringing us our Wii. My incredible brother-in-law bought us one, but there was a shortage, so it's in the mail today. "Wii" are very excited.
2. I need to see other creative people out there. This world is amazing and people are so talented. And I feel a bit alone sometimes in my artistic endeavors. I have creative people in my life...but none who are trying to make a living doing it.
3. We think my little dog hurt her back and she's having a hard time doing stairs and is just a little needy and wants in my lap all day. What does this have to do with looking at blogs?...she loves to sit in my lap while I'm on the I'm helping HER. :)

So, I found Marisa on paintings are amazing and sweet and vulnerable and sweet again. LOVE them. :)
And then from that blog, I found Sharon Montrose...who is this INCREDIBLE photographer of dogs and cats. Look at her images...they will make you swoon and want to adopt more animals. I can't get over her xmas pic of the pug. And she thinks that only one person looks at her blog, and I think she's been sick, so let's flood her blog with love. :)

Oh, and Happy February! It's my birthday month and it has my favorite day of the year...Valentine's day.


Anonymous said...

Well I am supposed to be cleaning and stopped to look at bad is that?.Tell Lily that I hope she feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope you got your Wii. We are addicted to ours!