Sunday, August 26, 2007

“Look back at your work and it tells you how it is when you hold back or when you embrace. When you are lazy, your art is lazy; when you hold back, it holds back; when you hesitate, it stands there staring, hands in its pockets. But when you commit, it comes on like blazes.”

This quote is from Art and Fear, a book I haven't read, but saw the quote on Jessica Sprague's website (she is a brilliant digital and paper scrapbooker!). It's one of those quotes that resonates with me, with what I want to do at each and every photo shoot. Do I ever hold back? absolutely. But it's my goal to come back from every session, filled with inspiration, because I was OPEN to the possibilities.


Angie Penrose said...

I love that quote! It's so neat. I'm going to hang it on my fridge. Love your blog. Your work is great!!

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

What a great quote. I tend to be a quote collector and I'm going to have to write that one down!
Thanks for the reminder this Monday morning to be fearless and just go!

Anonymous said...

At church yesterday, the pastor reminded us we all need to let go, not holding back. Love this quote! Seems to be something I'm struggling with right now. But once I let go, I feel so much better. Happy Monday! Lots of prayers coming your way! JW

Anonymous said...

ahh, visiting your site is so fun! I love your music! And I was JUST talking about this yesterday, telling Jason about how fear is the biggest obstacle on a photo shoot. In life really. I have so much to say on this, i think i will say it tomorrow on the blog and link to you. I am totally getting that book though. Thank you! Hope all is well and you're in my thoughts every day.