Tuesday, June 26, 2007

cake for breakfast

I have the best little cookbook from when I was a kid...Better homes and gardens Junior cookbook...last night I had the great pleasure of making one of my favorite childhood recipes, On Top On Top, with my kids last night. It was their idea, and I was smiling ear to ear the whole time. The best part...cuz it needs 6 hours in the fridge, we had it for breakfast this morning. that is so happy!

This picture is from an outing last week with my family...aren't they so cute smiling and laughing together?! I LOVE it! (oh, and don't worry mom!...I saved it in color too!)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pict in color:)

I don't remember the recipe, but I do remember the cookbook. The kids were very excited about having made it and I'm sure they enjoyed it this morning. Cooking can be fun. M