Sunday, July 29, 2012

oh the places you'll go

This adolescent bird was on the railing of our front porch the other morning and I was conflicted...he seemed stuck, like he flew a little bit and then forgot how. He was so still...just stayed in one place with his eyes tracking me as I watered the flowers in our front yard. 

The conflict: do I get out my big camera and take advantage of this captive bird and potentially scare him?

The answer to that is of course YES. :) I was super quiet and only got within about 6 feet of him, took some images and then left. 30 minutes later, he was gone. Maybe he went back to his friends and told them about his near death experience.


Does anyone know what kind of bird this is? We normally just get little finches and huge magpies, but he doesn't look like either one of those.

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Cathy said...

(From Betsy K...I accidentally deleted her comment with my sausage fingers on my iphone...whoops!)

Looks like a Robin to me. We had a momma and 2 babies in the garden today. Seems like she was trying to teach them how to fly and where to find food. They landed on the trellis we have for our raspberries. The momma would pick a raspberry and feed it to the baby. They just looked at her expecting her to keep feeding them and never tried to get the berries themselves. She finally just flew off and they followed evetually. Darn kids!

Great pictures of this little one. I love birds!