Monday, March 19, 2012

9 things Monday

I think that overall, I am a pretty upbeat-kind-of-gal...but this year has challenged my up-ness. So far, it hasn't been a great few months. That's okay. I'm old enough to know that some years are better than others and it ALWAYS gets better. That said, I need to make sure that I am taking care of myself. Here is my list for some self-care....

*all of the obvious things like eat well, get enough sleep, exercise, blah blah blah.
*journal 3 pages every day
*meditate...even for just 5 minutes. It makes a difference
*read a verse or two from the Bible. I am loving the Message version right now. There is something so magical about the Bible.
*drink water. When you live at 7000 feet, it's uber important.
*doodle, sketch, paint, draw, whatever. When I am on Pinterest and reading other blogs, I am always looking at paintings and collage artists work. Painting will always be my first love. I cannot let it go.
*stop taking myself and our life too seriously. For reals.
*Listen to more music. I am DIGGING MGMT right now.
*Do the pomodoro thing...It's an app timer that sets to 25 minutes...really great if you struggle with procrastination. 25 minutes doesn't seem as overwhelming as "work til it's done".

I started today with realizing I had over-slept my alarm by over an hour and the kids were going to be late for school (which they weren't, but only because they are complete rockstars).  It's only going to get better from here on out. Off to start the "better" part of the day.

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Sarah said...

2012 is rough, I agree... May need to make my own list of survival tips! Hang in there!! XOXO