Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Anniversary

We rang in the new year with smoke coming out of our dishwasher and a horrible chemical smell filling the house. Then I had a long line of issues with a magazine photo shoot, mostly with the location, a miscommunication, and a small, but very inconvenient technical malfunction. And then today I found out a friend of mine is moving a few states away.

And that is when I finally cried. You know, the ugly cry thing. Where you spit a little if you try to talk. And your face contorts into positions that no one ought to see.
I was sad and felt out of control and I felt weak.

There are many times that I am thankful for my husband, but today, he really rose to the occasion. 
First, he made me get up out of the heap I was in and took me out to coffee. 
Then he hand washed all of the dishes that were on the counter (because the dishwasher is still broken). Um, did I mention that I had promised to clean them? Ya, he did them anyway.
Then he played video games with the kids while I went on a walk and then took a nap.
He didn't blink an eye when I said that we are all on our own for dinner (subtext: scrounge through the fridge for anything you can find). 
And when he asked for a back rub, and I said (without even looking up) "today?", he just laughed & went downstairs to his office. 

Ya, I know. He's the best. Tomorrow will be our 20th wedding anniversary and I am so thankful for every single one of those years. Some harder than others. 
I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I love you sweetie. There is no one else on earth I would rather be with when I ugly-cry.
And you can count on that back rub tomorrow. :)


shash said...

Ugly cry is a horrible place to be. Your husband sounds wonderful.

May you have a very happy anniversary.

And though your good friend is moving away - think of it as an opportunity to travel to visit her.

Becca D said...

Oh, what a great guy! Happy anniversary Cathy!!!