Friday, December 10, 2010

How to choose your pictures

1. Go big or go home...what I mean is, you get the most impact from an image if you see it large. A large image changes into something more than a photo and takes a life of it's becomes a piece of art. I'd rather a client buy one large image than hundreds of 4x6's.

2. Emotion rules...what I mean is, go for an image with emotion rather than one where everyone is smiling kindly into the camera. Don't get me wrong, those images are great, and maybe it does represent where you are in life...but the images with emotions tell stories. Let your images tell your story. You are the only one who can tell it.

3. If you don't know what size to get, get some butcher paper and cut out some sizes and put them on the walls. This will give you a good feeling of how an image will respond on a wall. Are you going to cluster a bunch of small prints to make one big statement? Or are you going to get a larger print? Is an 11x14 big enough to fill a wall?...this small step will help tremendously.

4. Buy your frames ahead of time...if you have a hard time making decisions (like I do), this will narrow down the process. A time saver for sure. People always ask where I get my frames. Well, I'm a cheapo when it comes to framing. I want good frames, but I don't want anything in my house to be so precious that I am crushed if I drop or damage it. Cuz I do that. Daily. So, I get my frames at Kohl's, Marshalls, TJMaxx, Target, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and best of all, Aaron Brothers. AB has good quality thick glass and I like the cuts of their mats. Again, these are ALWAYS on sale.

5. If the colors in your images don't match the decor of your home, go with black and white. It's classic and it will always match. :)


beth said...

i couldn't agree more....
i think black and white always perfect with everything....and YES...go big or go home...hee hee

SweetTeabytheSea said...

Great advice! Thanks Cathy.

Wordfiend said...

Great guidance. I would never have thought of buying the frames ahead of time. BTW, we still love the 11 x 14 B&W, which is now in our front hall and always gets comments.

Lindy said...

We thought we were going to pay a FORTUNE to frame our 16x20 family pic that you took. I took your advice and looked at Kohl's and our pic is now framed and hanging beautifully for the low low price of $24!!! That's right!!

Thanks,Cathy! You still rock!