Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's my favorite day of the week. And I will spend today...

*getting over my dream hangover...I have really vivid dreams, sometimes multiple dreams, almost every night. today I woke up feeling a bit tired, like I had lived a lifetime in my dream. Gonna try to shake that feeling off and maybe tonight take a Tylenol PM...sometimes that helps.

*Run errands with my mom...getting an ice cream birthday cake...with LOTS of frosting. Is there anything better than frozen buttercream frosting?!

*Taking some pics of new pendants and objects for new pendants...still trying to master product photography. Many of you know that I LONG to shoot food images for Cooking Light...must master the still life in it's many forms. :)

*Biggest Loser tonight.

*Decide where we are going out to dinner tomorrow night. There is a restaurant downtown that serves Gouda Soup and it is to DIE FOR. I can't get it out of my mind and I it's not everyday that I would allow myself to eat CHEESE soup, so maybe I just need to go for it.

Oh, and there is a giveaway all week for one of my pendants at my friend Dawn's blog...she's celebrating her 100th post. Go celebrate with her and try to win a pendant. :)

I'm a little fearful that after being absent in blogland that I lost all my readers...if you are stopping by today, leave a comment to say "hi" just so I know people are still out there. :) thanks blogging friends.


Amy said...

Oh, you could never leave all your readers....you are too good! I read all your posts and have for a while. But honestly, I don't know if I've ever left a comment. So - HI FROM TEXAS!!

Cathy said...

Hi Amy from Texas!!! :)

dawn said...

Thanks for the link to my blog! Love your new email button! hugs.

shannanabanana said...

I always think of you on Tuesdays! I too love a good Tuesday, and enjoy your blogs. you always have a great way of saying things that hit things right on the nose for me.

Happy belated birthday!