Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!
I just bought this awesome jewelry stand from Urban Outfitters online to hold my pendants in my office. Right now, I have pendants on my walls and hanging from a mannequin and anywhere you can hang something from...can't wait to have them all in one place! Plus, it's aqua blue...with a bird...and it spins...and did I mention it's aqua blue?! Love it!

Today, working out...wearing my new outfit I got for $28!!!!(jeans, sweater, shoes...all 75%off at Target!)...eating Gouda soup for cream cake for dessert...making deliveries...loving my entire family for being so awesome...and maybe a bit of soldering in the studio.

Oh, it's a good day!


true believer said...

Happy Birthday, sweet pea! I love you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my long long lost friend... but not forgotten!! I LOVE YOU and MISS you!!! I wanted to call and sing to you, but I knew I would cry... and I can't do that to you on your b-day!!! So... Happy Birthday Friend! I <3 U!!!
--your OLD ca friend... ali