Monday, March 2, 2009

welcome Monday

Usually, I hate Mondays. Not because the weekend is over, but because I put so many expectations on myself for the day...all the stuff that I put off over the list of "whatevers" that fill my planner...and I never do it all. And I feel like a big fat loser by the end of the day.

But today is different. We (the 4 of us, this nice Walters family unit) took time out of our Sunday to clean the house. And it REALLY needed cleaning. Nothing fancy, like cleaning the baseboards or curtains, just the regular maintenance.

Can you hear me take a deep sign of satisfaction?

What a nice way to start the week. Now my list of things to do is not so long. And I feel like I can think more clearly. Like our house is quieter. Like all the dust and grime was getting in the way of listening to the song of our life. trip, jewelry making, phone calls, returning emails. Yup, that sounds good. :) Have a good one everyone! If you stop by, feel free to leave me a comment and say hi...I love a good Monday salutation. :)


Anonymous said...

I love the Mum Miracle!!! It is beautiful. Love the pear too:) Glad your day is starting with such a smile.

Anonymous said...

Happy Monday, Cathy! Missed you yesterday!