Thursday, November 22, 2007


*for contact lenses
*for 1% Spandex in my jeans
*for all the people that wave and say hi to me at church
*for my son's bubbles out of him and always makes me smile
*for my daughter's spunk
*for struggling with being comfortable in my own makes me much more compassionate toward my clients who are uncomfortable in front of the camera
*for a snowy and cold Thanksgiving Day...much better for cooking all day in the kitchen
*for photoshop...really, I love it
*for smashed potatoes
*for Diet Mug Root Beer
*for my almost 16 years of marriage
*for our hard years together
*and for the easier years together
*for yummy patterned scrapbook paper
*for the grace that's given to me daily
*for chocolate
*and Starbucks
*and butter

What are you thankful for today? I'm gonna print this out and put it in a little book I made, because it's important to remember. :)
Many blessings to you all!


Anonymous said...

Great post, Cathy. Happy Belated Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for you, friend!

Anonymous said...

ooh, you're right. I'm so thankful for my contacts too, but never usually give it a second thought!