Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I wonder how long she can hold it.

Our dog...
It snowed last night, just an inch or two, and it's really cold out. I get it. She doesn't like being cold. She looks completely insulted when we put her outside to do her business. Like, how come YOU get to stay warm when you do YOUR business...thought from the other side of the sliding glass door.

Every winter it's the same. We have to re-train her that the snow won't kill her. That she CAN go in the snow and it will be okay. She has done a very good job at training me, though. I am sure that if she stares at me long enough, I WILL go outside and shovel a little patch of snow off the grass so that she can go in a civilized way.


Anonymous said...

that is funny!
happy thanksgiving!
love the picture too btw.
and i'm a little jealous over your snow. just for a minute though. :0)

Anonymous said...

Just found you via Kal's site. is this sweet dog Lily of yours a long haired dachsund? I've got a smooth here at home named Dallas. He's old and has the same attitude about actually going outside for ka-ka. I've seriously thought about training him to a litter box in our laundry room ... seriously.

Your photography is absolutely gorgeous. The composition, color, background and style. You've got it girl. You and I share a lot of the same favorites in the photograph world. Jessica Claire is up there for me as well.

Just wanted to say and keep it up! :-)

Anonymous said...

SORRY! Forgot to say congrats on the new camera. I know how you feel with plunking down all that change for something seeming frivalous. It's your passion. It's important. Good for you! :-) OK, I'll stop stalking.

true believer said...

Ok, I have to admit that many times I look at the pics and don't read your post (bad husband!!). I just went through all of your last ...oh...15 posts, and I am reminded not to take you for granted as just my wife who has an amazing eye. You are, dare I say it, wise. I promise to actually read your posts from now on. I love you, sweets! Happy Thanksgiving!!