Sunday, July 8, 2012


So, after completing an entire art journal, I decided to rip out a few canvases and do some "real" art, which is just the worst way to think about it as an artist. "Real" becomes terrifying. "Real" becomes paralyzing. "Real" will keep paintings from being finished. "Real" will keep you locked in your head so much that the whole process becomes a chore. And the "who do you think you are" voices start to chime in.

So, where do I go from here?

First, I made a list of everything I like in other people's work. My list includes texture, classic americana imagery, floating surprise elements, open space, squares, & imperfect perspectives.
This reminds me what I like.
And in a sense reminds me of what I look like in a painting.

Second, I reminded myself that almost every painting goes through a "fugly" stage. When you are layering and playing, at one point or another, you are going to cringe and think it might be the most ugly and/or boring thing you've ever seen. And that's alright.

Third, I gave myself permission to make bad art.
So what if it sucks?
Sometimes you have to be brave enough to make some bad art for something free and magical to happen. 
On a whole other note, I found vegan blueberry muffins at Whole Foods yesterday. I cannot even express how happy that made me. Yum!!!

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Wordfiend said...

It can be so hard to allow ourselves to make mistakes as part of the creative process and personal growth. I gave my daughter a book called "Beautiful Oops" in the hopes that she will be more accepting of "mistakes."