Monday, February 27, 2012

App love

I thought I would share some of my favorite apps. I have tons of them, but I use a few EVERY SINGLE DAY. (Pretty sure some of these are available for android, but I'm not sure how many of them. ) Okay, here goes...

1. Nike Training Club ... hands down the best at home workout ever. The workouts come in 30 and 45 minute lengths and there are tons to choose from depending on what you want to focus on.

2. Hipstamatic ... super fun camera to play with on your phone. almost every image I post on Facebook comes from this little app. Love it.

3. Motivated Moms ... Okay, I sorta hate the title of this one. I'd rather have it be Kick-Ass-Cleaning-List or something like that. BUT, it's a great list of stuff to do that you can check off and have your house relatively clean in the process. I almost NEVER get everything done on the list, but that's ok. :)

4. Pandora ... if you don't have pandora, you are either 85 or don't love music.

5. instagram ... Another super fun way to share images.

6. Pocket Informant ... I was never a fan of iCal, so this is what I use. :)

7. Starbucks ... get the app, register a card, reload it as needed. For every 15 times you use it, they send you a postcard for a free drink. Plus, if you are vegan like me, you get free upgrades to soy milk if you use it. Worth it just for that.

8. Nike + GPS ... This is GREAT! Perfect for knowing how far you run/walk/crawl. And they give you cheers at the end of every session. Love.

9. Society6 ... Amazing and awesome wallpapers for your phone by wonderful artists. Check it.

10. Meal Board ... I've tried a number of menu/grocery list apps. This is the one I've settled on. A bit of work in the beginning, but really saves time in the long run.

Have fun! :)

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