Monday, September 12, 2011


My husband reminded me last night that I haven't posted any pictures in a while. yup. he's right. woops. :) oh, that husband. He's so on top of it. thank God. Because I live in this delightful world called "Cathyland" where time does not exist and a 10 minute project becomes a 3 day obsession. Or a 3 week "break" from posting images.

Today: I have a migraine that started yesterday (which I tried to ignore, but that NEVER works darn it!), so I'm typing while under the influence of migraine meds (pretty good so far...I've only had to retype this sentence 9 times). I have some magazine shoots to book and then continue to storyboard the styling for them. I have a session to proof. A session to upload. Financial stuff to input (blech). And the ever looming question...what's for dinner? 

OH!...AND ANDERSON COOPER'S NEW SHOW STARTS TODAY!!! Totally dvr-ing it. I say we skip dinner and just eat grapes and granola while watching Anderson. Hey, that always works in Cathyland. :)

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Sarah said...

i love, love, love that last one!! what a moment you captured!!!