Friday, April 8, 2011

dirty laundry / blog-o-whining

 ***please imagine nice image of wet laundry drying outside on the line (which is not allowed in our home owners community) in the country (where we do not live) in the nice warm sunshine (which went down a few hours ago). can you see it? ya, me too***

Our son is not getting along with his younger sister. This has been going on for over a year. It is not getting better, it's getting worse. And frankly, I'm exhausted with it. I miss them playing and enjoying each other. I miss hearing them crack each other up. I wanted that for them. I was an only child and would've sold my left arm for a sibling to hang out with. I know they have to walk their own path. I get it, I really do. And I don't want to put MY dreams on them. don't want to give them added pressure.

But the daily tension in our house from the rivalry and discord makes me want to have a good cry. and a glass of wine. and a trip to Barnes and Noble by myself for a new magazine...preferable a magazine full of recipes (that my family will never eat because I seem to be the only one that thinks that stir-fry tofu with asparagus and cabbage makes a nice lunch).

I had a good day today. And right this second there is no yelling. But I'm just tired and distressed and not my peppy self.

okay, off to fold laundry (clean) and put myself in bed.

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Shash said...

Nobody told you there'd be years like this? It sucks when they don't get along. Happily, eventually adulthood happens. Spend time with each one, separately if you must, and enjoy that.

Good things will happen.