Friday, February 11, 2011


I am knee deep in wedding editing this week. And watching Big Love on DVD. And training for a half marathon. And making doctor appointments. And checking homework. And buying organic food. And feeling guilty every time I drink Coke Zero. And buying new running shoes that gave me the worst blisters of my entire life. And returning running shoes. 

And catching my breath.

This life goes so fast. I spend so much of my life seeped in the details, the little things...and that's okay...I like details...I get paid to notice details. :) but I never want to miss the big picture of what's really important.  
I turned 40 last week. And it threw me for a loop. Walloped me aside the head. Threatened to crush me into a heap on the floor. I was sad and hormonal and sad again. I'm still trying to figure out why. I've never really cared about birthdays before. But this one was rough for me. 
I'm glad it's over. I never have to turn 40 again. :) 
So today, I will enjoy my Coke Zero, and watch Big Love (or listen to it at least) while finishing up some editing and I will enjoy the details in the minutes of every hour of today.


justastonesthrowaway said...

Happy Belated Birthday..........I'm 42 now so I can say that it gets better! :)

Love the wedding photo.......

Lindy said...

Cathy--happy belated birthday! Sorry it was rough. I'm right behind you, and am thinking it might not be so easy! :) Sorry things have been rough lately, but glad to hear that things are improving. Keep your chin up!! Let's do coffee...