Thursday, January 13, 2011


Sweet fort building goodness. :) I don't have little ones anymore, so hanging out with 3 boys who are 4 and under is just about the most entertaining thing there is. Loved it!
After the session, I headed toward the dermatologist office to deal with the unwelcome visitors on my face and also check all my freckles for anything that might be concerning. 
I am a freak at doctors' offices. I know this. I get nervous.
But yesterday must have been pretty bad, cuz I was cold and sweaty and I kept saying "I usually come across as more stable"...what?! Why did I keep saying that? Anyway, everything is clear as far as weird freckles and I got some great meds for my face and now I have to stop talking about it because I am starting to sweat. 

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Kimi said...

That is hysterical! "I usually come across as more stable. . ." is now my new mantra. I can't think of any situation in which I cannot use that sentence.