Tuesday, November 30, 2010

back to normal life

Or some version of it. It's been a few months of CHANGE. New car, new computer, new job for hubby. All good stuff. Lot's of photo sessions. Lot's of taking my business to a new level. New policies. New forms. New. With all this newness comes the realization that I need to organize and re-group, as in "I need to prioritize and make new goals and focus on what needs focusing." In a world that is constantly getting bigger (ie. the internet has constant inspiration from all over the globe), I feel the need to make MY world smaller. Every time I see all the homemade goodness happening around the world, I think to myself "I could do that!" and put it up on a shelf in my brain for something else I need to do. But just because I COULD do it doesn't mean I SHOULD do it. It's internet baggage I've been carrying around. Virtual baggage. Pressure to do more. But what's real? What's is MY life about? Where do I see myself going? Very basic mission statement questions I suppose. Not a new concept. But something that's been on my mind. Do any of you go through phases of wanting to shrink your life and what influences you? I'd love to hear.
We were sick most of Thanksgiving break, so I'm catching up on sessions and orders. Here's a sneak peek for today...I think there will be another one today if I turn on my super powers.


shannanabanana said...


I can totally relate to your post! I too feel the need to simplify and focus on what is basic/imoportant. All that baggage accumulates so quickly and I'm so hesitant to let go of it until I'm completely overwhelmed. It's nice to know someone else feels the same way!

Keep your chin up, run a mile or two, laugh all day, and know that you made me smile today!


Sarah said...

Funny I should stumble upon this post today, the day I deactivated my Facebook account b/c it was such a time vacuum.

Turned off my laptop and cell phone and wrote a real, paper letter and then called someone from my landline. Felt so good.