Sunday, August 15, 2010

Training V.2

After hurting my knees and shins from the wrong shoes, I am starting over. No more 7 mile runs for a while. No more clocking my miles at all. Now, I'm just going to log my minutes. I think I need a solid base of pounding the pavement before upping my matter how much I love to set new goals and run farther and feel like I'm flying (you would laugh at the last part if you saw me running...really, I am the slowest person out there!). Anyway, I've been on 2 runs with the new shoes and things are going great so far. I never thought I'd need to have self-discipline to SLOW things down.

And school starts tomorrow. Another summer is over. It flew by, as it always does and I am so sad. I love to have the kids home. I love no homework and playing with friends and doing fun day trips and lounging in the living room under the ceiling fan.
But most of all, I get sad because school starting just emphasizes that time is passing too quickly, that we are all getting a year older, that childhood will be a thing of the past before we know it. (sigh).

Hmmm. I went to the dark side for a moment. I'm back now. :) Sneak peeks coming tomorrow and the day after that and the next day...

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