Wednesday, August 11, 2010


One change for me, one change for you.

First me...I'm taking a 2 day break from running and it's killing me. I did a rookie mistake and bought new shoes online and was deceived by all the wonderful cushiness and padding in them. Apparently I don't need cushy...I need stability (aka, not as soft/hard/doesn't feel as good when you put it on). So now I'm the new owner of some Brooks stability shoes and I'm raring to go. Except my knees are not. And since I want to keep my knees around, I'm going to give them a little vaca and see if they will be back in the saddle on Friday. Why does that feel so far away?

And a change for you...I'm going to give myself a limit on sneak peeks...between 1 and 3 images per session. (the horror!!!). I love doing my sneak peeks!...both for me AND my clients! But in order to keep a little sanity in the Walters household, I'm going to put this limit on me. Sigh.

And here are today's 3. :) It was a little warm out while we did this session and I knew I was sweating while doing them, but I was HORRIFIED when I saw myself in the mirror when the session was over...holy cow, I was a mess. I guess that's why I'm behind the camera! hehe.

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