Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Favorite things and a question

*Fiber One Pop Tarts. Amazing and wonderful. (mantra: only eat one...only eat one)

*Google Reader.Click here to read their blog and find out how to set yours up. But probably everyone has this?...I'm sure I'm the last one to do it, but it's changing my life and freeing my time and that makes me want to shout from the roof tops. I will be adding a way to subscribe to me on this blog as soon as I figure out how.

*Taco leftovers.

*Kell on Earth. This show rocks. Kelly is an amazing business person in a creative field and is making it work for herself and her daughter and I love love love it. Can't get enough of it. Want to study every second of it. While eating fiber one pop tarts.

I have been sending out my pendant in these organza bags. Snooze.

For just a few pennies more, I can send them out in these pillow boxes:

Imagine them tied with some pretty orange jute (I love jute!!!) or charcoal grey twine. Dreamy, yes?

Is it worth it? What do you think? I've been agonizing. I need opinions.

Off to work out and try to shake the dream-hangover I have. I swear, a night of dreamless sleep would be lovely.


justastonesthrowaway said...

I loved receiving mine in the organza bag, it looked pretty! BUT, I did have to take an extra step to gift wrap the one I bought for my friend so maybe you could do both?
Ask to specify if it is for a gift and put in the pillow box if so. If not, used the organza bag.
That's just my ever so humble opinion :)

dawn said...

I like both...but don't think the organza bags are snoozy...

If you aren't using a are you following your blogs? You are going to love having a reader...put me in there! :0)

Cathy said...

How do I follow blogs?...I was going through my favs one at a time to see if there were new posts. Archaic! And a waste of time! Love google reader!!!
And, Dawn, you are already in there. :)
Also, I ended up buying both pillow box and bag. Going to experiment. I think I'm just bored with the bags. Sometimes you just have to change things up. :)

Wordfiend said...

I liked the organza bag. I keep it for a travel jewelry bag. Probably wouldn't keep the pillow box, but I can see how the box would be easier for gift-giving.