Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm still here!

Usually after the fall and Christmas season, I just burn out for a bit. I nap. And read OTHER blogs. And dream about my goals for the coming year. And nap again.

Blogging etiquette would say to announce your leave of absence from your blog with a return date. Wow, that would be good, except that would've meant being INTENTIONAL with what I was doing. And I rarely do that. Hmmm. Something to think about for next year. A blogging vacation.

Anyway, I am here and I've got lots going on.

Wanna hear? Let's do a list, cuz I love me a good list.

*One of my images made it to be the cover of that magazine gig I got. THE COVER! Woot woot! I will post a pic of it when it comes out. The magazine is Thriving Family and it has been picked up to have circulation in 300 Barnes and Nobles and over 1000 Borders. WOOT! It will be the March/April issue (when will that be out...mid-Feb?) and my goal will be to find it in a bookstore and take pics of it in the stand. :) Nerdy? yes, but I so don't care.

*My etsy store has been on fire. I love soldering in my free time and am actually going to start advertising on Elise's super cool design and creating blog starting tomorrow. Yay! Taking it to the next level and that feels good. Check out her blog...her design is simple and perfect.

*I've been doing the BodyBugg and am amazed at how FEW calories I burn naturally during a normal day...even when I work out for an hour! Sheesh. But that's okay. I'm not angry at my body...just aware of my diminished metabolism. Good to know. I guess I need to stop eating entire cakes. Or shakes. Or anything fried. Or yummy.

*I am turning 39 in a few days and I am super excited. Really. I'm not usually a big birthday person, but this one feels great. I wasn't sure why until last night...
It's not that I am still in my 30's that makes me excited (although I do love that I am younger than my super sweet hubby), it's what my 30's has represented. I found myself in my 30's.
Story...I remember, on my 30th birthday, I was so bummed that I would never be a super model. Okay, there are so many things wrong with this...because that was NEVER going to happen...I'm not quite tall enough, not skinny and bony enough, and honestly...I'm NOT photogenic!!! hit me on my 30th birthday that that wasn't even a possibility...that ship had sailed...I was too old.
Um. Ya. What?! What was I thinking!?! THAT is what I was thinking about? Who I was on that 30th birthday is so far from who I am now. I am pretty comfortable in my own skin. I am aware of my limitations and flaws. I know who I am. I can laugh at myself. I can speak my mind. I can stand up in an argument. I can let things go quicker. I don't compare myself to others. I am on my path.
And I have peace with that.
So I am going to celebrate to high-heaven the fact that the 30's have been good. I'm not scared of my 40's (I'm sure they will be even better), but while I'm here, I'm going to be HERE and embrace the wonderful decade this has been.

Okay, how wordy am I?! I'll stop now, but here's a look a new pendant in my shop. Totally inspired by Ali Edwards here. :) Are YOU a "life" artist?

One of my pendants will be in a giveaway on one of my friend's blogs coming up, so check back later this week for the link. :) Happy Sunday y'all!

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