Monday, January 4, 2010

happy forever

Big anniversary here. I cannot believe that 18 years ago, I married my sweetie pie. I am so thankful for all the years we've had together. Some better than others. And we've weathered the storms together. I don't take it for granted. I know how lucky we are. And I know how lucky I am for having a husband who keeps me in it, engaging, when life gets tough.
*Taking some Christmas money to buy a glass grinder. I have been really enjoying the archaic way of using a grinding stone to smooth out the edges of the glass for my pendants. The sound is really great too. But now I think I'm over it. Forever. Thank God. I have my hobby lobby coupon and I'm all over it.
*Thinking about scrapbooking...but maybe not in the way I ever did it before. I think about this every few months...a hobby that used to be a daily enjoyment just sits in a corner...waiting. But I'm less concerned with the "stuff" I don't use than with the STORIES I am forgetting as life goes faster with each passing day.
*Going to get a picture of me and my honey. I am NEVER in pictures and that is how I like it (I know, very hypocritical of me, but, whatever). But today, I feel the need to document US.
*Enjoying GForce with my baby girl
*Going out to dinner with the family
*Breathing in the goodness that is our life.

Happy Anniversary, Honey...I love you. :)


Beth said...

Happy Anniversary to you!!! I take courage watching how you've weathered storms, so thank you!

May the next 18 years be filled with blessings. Love ya!

dawn said...

Happy Anniversary, friends. Love you!