Monday, November 16, 2009

Two words and my list for the day

1. In a city that calls a snow day when they see clouds, they did not cancel school today. Are we living in an alternate universe?! The main news story today is the black ice under all the snow. REally? Not even a 2 hour delay so we can shovel our drive way and buy a four wheel drive?

2. Two words: DEAD.MOUSE. The final straw was when the mouse came out at 9pm, looked at us like "what are we watching on tv tonight?", and started zooming around our basement like it was time to play. It continued to snack on the poison I set out. (I am starting to think that I bought the appetizer version of a trap instead of the poison version.) It ate it while we stood there looking at us. While our dog slept on the couch and did nothing. While we put a flashlight spotlight on the trap with the poison. And then, my husband's genius came into play...put peanut butter on the sticky trap. (Yes, I bought a million kinds of traps.) I went to bed, but I heard the fight between my husband and the mouse...some strong bangs from the basement...and I'm pretty sure my husband won...unless I had a very big mouse sleeping next to me last night. Dead Mouse...those are two beautiful words.

3. Meeting a fellow etsy seller today. Always fun.

4. Having coffee with a friend. Even better.

5. Putting wedding albums together. Proofing. Cleaning the entire house. And promoting world peace. All in a day's work. :)

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Anonymous said...

Many congratulations on the success with the mouse!!! I hope he didn't have family he told about your wonderful accommodations:)