Sunday, November 22, 2009


I think back to my college days...when Chris and I were first married and we were struggling artists in LA...a LONG time ago...feels like lifetimes...and the biggest thing I remember was feeling alone. I was a painter. In culture shock from coming from Northern California (yes, it's that big of a difference). And I didn't have any artist friends. No one to bounce ideas off of. No one to tell you you are awesome and people just don't know yet. I thought that the loneliness and isolation was normal and good and that the struggle was part of an artist's life.
For me, that doesn't work. I'm not that self-motivating.
And then the internet happened. And blogs. And an amazing amount of people doing an amazing amount of art that they share freely and you can see it and experience it and get inspired by it and know that you are not alone out there doing your thing. I think my life would've been much different if I was going to college now. But maybe I wouldn't appreciate this lovely world that's opened up. I am so grateful.
Oh, and new pendants are up in my shop. :) I'm calling them my holiday sweater alternative.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I think you are special and awesome, but people already know that for themselves. :)

PS that is spelled Bologna....sorry, couldn't help myself