Friday, October 23, 2009

back and urrrrrrrr

Hello all!
back from a trip to Florida...celebrating my grandpa's 90th birthday! Yay! Since you can find my address on the internet, I don't announce when we are gone. But I thought I had it all taken care of with the whole auto-reply thing in Outlook.


Apparently, you have to have your computer turned ON if you want auto-reply to work. So, this morning when I turned on my computer, everyone from the whole week was told that I WAS gone. Hmmmm. And BahHumBug. and URRRR.

Pictures will be coming (how I HATE a post with no pics!) AND a sneak peek and lots of other wonderful stuff. First I have to return calls and continue the all day long returning of emails. And laundry. And water (I NEVER drink enough water on trips). and loving my little puppy...oh how I missed her so!

Happy Friday everyone!