Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What's on my mind today...

*the lack of veggies I eat lately
*my thankfulness for Excedrin Migraine
*the wedding I'm shooting this Sat (yay!!!)
*My friend Megan's birthday! Happy Birthday dear friend!
*all the pendants that I need to photograph and load into my etsy shop
*my new love for old fashioned book binding...loving making some new handbound journals
*can't wait to see who quits on "Flipping Out" tonight
*happy I am relatively caught up on laundry

Good stuff. But feeling a bit unfocused and scattered. So I'm just going down my to-do list and not over thinking anything. :)

And a sneak peek from yesterday!!...

And I just noticed that I only picked one smiling picture. Seriously, where is my brain!?! I got great smiling images yesterday, I swear! :)

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