Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Super River Day

I like to kid my husband about taking us on wild car rides...who knows where in the world we will end up! (and heaven forbid we EVER have a map or ask for directions!)...but today's car ride was awesome. :) I had the day off and we are celebrating the last week of no school, so we packed up a picnic and headed into the mountains for some time on the rocky shores of a river. Heaven. And more heaven. And just what I needed in the middle of my week. Thank you, dear sweet hubby. You are king of the road for sure. (and you stopped twice for potty breaks and for that I will be forever grateful). You are so yummy.

Yesterday was a double shoot...twins! And the sweetest twins ever. They hung out with me for 4 hours and never once rolled their eyes or screamed in horror as I asked them to sit in ant hills or trespass on official postal ground. Bless you! And enjoy the sneak peek!

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Unknown said...

Great pics Cath! And the drive sounds like it was fun. You should tell hubby that the only thing missing from the trip was a snot green, 4-door Wrangler. :-)