Monday, July 27, 2009

Wedding bliss

That's what I was in over the weekend. Perfect weather. Perfect couple. Perfect family. Perfect laughs. Perfect joy. Perfect wedding.

A few shots from the day...actually, just shots from before the ceremony. I will show more shots as I upload and start sorting through them. I can't wait. :) Oh, how thankful I am that this career found me.

Oh, and the giveaway is still going on...check out the post below for details. :)


Unknown said...

Beautiful photos! Oh I wish I would have thought of you taking my son's senior pics when we were out that way earlier this summer. Drats! Jen for Cali

dawn said...

They're wonderful, Cathy! I'm not in the least surprised're awesome, the place was awesome and the bride and groom were awesome.

Can't wait to see more! Love you!

true believer said...

Wow! Nice pics, baby! As always, I am impressed. You rock.

your hubby

Sarah said... did I miss it? Who won the giveaway? :)