Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday randomness

Here are a few pics from our little family vaca. I love playing with my camera. But there is a balance. Of living in the moment. Enjoying the present. Of doing vs. documenting. I love my camera. But it's nice to put it down sometimes and just BE. So here are some images...not very Colorado-y, but the images that came out none-the-less. :)

Despite my 2 giant cups of coffee, I feel very calm today. I cleaned my office/studio yesterday and boy did that make a difference in my mental health. Today, I'm going to proof, and then maybe go through some things to give away.

Happy slow summer day.


Sarah said...

I completely hear you, about finding that balance between documenting and "be"ing. Whether it's a camera, video camera, or journal, sometimes it's such a huge relief to just put it all down and actually experience something without the pressure of capturing it. I definitely get stuck sometimes, though, like once when James and I were somewhere during an amazing sunset, and I said "Oh, shoot. This would have been so beautiful. Too bad I don't have my camera!" James had to point out that, despite not having my camera, it was still, in fact, beautiful! ha ha

Sarah said...

Oh, and there's also a funny quote that says: "In trying to capture the butterflies of experience in the net of a camera, all you end up with is a bunch of dead bugs."