Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a few things

I started my day the way I usually do, by writing and reflecting and planning. And I felt guilty. Then I walked the dog. And I felt guilty. Do you ever feel guilty for doing things that you know are good for you, but you feel like you should be doing a million other things? Like feeding orphans or teaching our kids how to compost or making a pie for a neighbor? Or doing laundry. I have many times (like right now while I'm writing this) that I cannot stand chitter-chatter and I have to lock myself in my office. The interruptions and fragmented thoughts are too much to bare (bear?). Ever feel like that?
What am I thinking about today?...I'm thinking about the look on my husband's face last night...he was trying to figure me out (apparently I was acting oddly). And then he said "I think you need to do something creative tomorrow".


Yup. That's it. But isn't that so funny? Cuz I'm creative for a living. I work on photography and art and jewelry all day long. What do you do as an artist to "unwind" or center yourself or to just play and relax?

(-----hear the long blank pause here-----)

But I'm going to do something. I don't know what, but I will do something. My heart has been longing to do more collage...perhaps today is the day when I will do some. Not for sale. Not for high art's sake. Not for marketability. But just to do. For my soul.

And I'm gonna try not to feel guilty about it.

If you are an artist reading this, what do you do to get out of "business" mode and just play? I'd love to hear suggestions.

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