Friday, May 15, 2009

The beach says "hi"

Before some wonderful shooting time in CA, I hopped over the hill with my Starbucks-drinkin-TraderJoes-lovin-girlfriend Alison and we had some beach time. Much needed. I nearly burst out in tears when my toes hit the sand. Man, I've missed the ocean. It was a perfect time. The weather was more than perfect and we didn't even get hit by seagull poop (miracle of God).

I have tons of images from my shoots...more of that on Monday. In the mean time, we have soccer tournaments, clients to call, email to return, showers to take, and my family to hug. Good stuff.
Say "hi" if you're stopping by today. :)


Anonymous said...

hey Miss You!!

Unknown said...

Again I say, you are amazing! Beautiful pictures!

Alison said...

Argh! How did I miss these earlier! The loong panoramic shot of the beautiful colorful houses in Capitola just literally took my breath away!!! And - hey I am glad to be your starbucks lovin tader joes lovin girlfriend!! Love You!!!