Friday, March 20, 2009

things I know

I think I might be spreading myself too thin. I have a million ideas that I want to implement...but I suck at juggling/multi-tasking/switching-from-one-thing-to-the-next. But I love EVERYTHING that I'm doing (besides laundry and grocery shopping). How does one go about fitting it all in without feeling like their head is going to spin off? And I'm actually not that busy right now. What I have to do in a day is totally manageable. But it's all of my ideas swirling about in my brain that won't let me breathe, rest, enjoy the NOW.
I know that scheduling myself (with time limits) is helpful. I know that checking a million blogs "for inspiration" is NOT. I think I might be on inspiration overload. I know that journaling is good and helpful. I know that perfectionism is NOT. I know that taking time to get organized is good. I know that rushing is not.

And maybe I need a bit of silence.

Just some random thoughts as I get on with my day. I'm off to run errands. do laundry. work on a necklace. hug the kids. try not to be grouchy with the hubby. think about my shoot tomorrow. make some phone calls. and breathe.


Sarah said...

I can definitely relate to those feelings!

Just a couple of song lyrics I heard this morning that resonated with your posting...

"I bit off more than I can chew,
It's something that I tend to do,
When fewer words are what we need and how...." - Loudon Wainwright III

and from another favorite, The Muppets, :)

"I focus on the pleasure,
Something I can treasure,
Can you picture that!"
-Dr Teeth

Here's wishing you a peaceful day!

-Sarah Campbell

Jeanne Oliver said...

I am feeling very much like that right now...hence I am procrastinating and reading blogs:-)