Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's been over nine years...

I was just telling some clients on Saturday that I never get sick. Well, I get a cold now and then...I have allergies sometimes...but REALLY sick?...no. Truly, I am a pretty healthy person. And I am TERRIFIED of throwing up.

It's been over 9 years since I last threw up. Til this Sunday. Lord help me. It was awful. The full blown stomach flu. And because I couldn't eat anything, I missed a whole day without coffee, which meant a full blown caffeine headache as well. Fun stuff.

The good news...I did NOT eat the cupcake I wanted the night before getting sick. Because once you see food come up the other way, you never want it again and that would've been really sad if I never wanted a cupcake again cuz I adore cupcakes.

And I have now had 2 cups of coffee and my headache (read: any time I moved I had to grip my head with full force to try to stop the pounding) is gone. And I have sweated out about 5 lbs and now have no fever. Good stuff.

I'm taking it easy today. Gotta do a bit of cleaning and then it's nap time. And a shower would be good. All my clients who are waiting for their online slide shows to be up...it will be an extra few days. But that wait is worth it, I promise. :)

Happy Tuesday y'all! love and blessings!...

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Anonymous said...

well wishes good friend...since i too am terrified of..that..well i cant even type it..love you!!