Monday, February 9, 2009

Foxy love Monday

We had some fun over the weekend watching the fox in our neighbor's backyard, snoozing in the sun. She was so sweet! Unfortunately, she and her multitude of family are the reason we have no squirrels romping about...but she is so pretty, I will forgive her. :)
Today...errands, editing, tax stuff, volunteering at the school.

OH!...and I need help!...Apparently (uh-hem), I have been snoring. I already take benadryl and flonase before sleeping. I had a really awful nose accident in the 90's (and had multiple surgeries), and I'm sure that things have shifted in my nose...BUT, does anyone have any ideas that might help, before going the surgery option? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! :) And I'm sure my husband would appreciate it as well. :)

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Anonymous said...

Glad I don't have a cat there:)