Wednesday, December 3, 2008


A few things on this super cold day...

First, I have been asked by MANY people if I do weddings. While I don't want to go full swing into that venue (there are lots of good wedding photographers out there), I would LOVE to do a few weddings a year! I have technically done a few weddings already, but they were smaller deals that were more like parties.

So, if anyone wants to be the first one to book me for an all day gig, I will include a free engagement session in the package. :) Nice deal, right?

Second, I have finally upgraded to a new Franklin Covey planner size. I am all done writing small and into the margins and onto the next page. Bigger = more room for Cathy to write, and just knowing that it's on the way to my house is super exciting.

Third, I'm having trouble falling asleep at night. This has never been a problem before...anyone have any tips on relaxing and getting in the nite-nite mood?

Okay, back to work. If you have a second, leave me a comment. They make my day. :)


kerry said...

as far as the nite-nite stuff...
1. ice cream before bed. yum.
2. sleepytime tea.
3. reading in bed.

those things work for me.
i also hear that hyland's calms tablets (homeopathic) work pretty well too. caleb takes the kids version sometimes and it helps him when he can't sleep. :o)

love you girl.

Anonymous said...

ok..i am not plugging B&B works..(oh wait i am) but they have a aromatherapy pillow mist called warm milk and honey. if i forget to spray it i can't sleep. (maybe it's just me..haha) can't wait to hang with ya!

JJM said...

Nighttime...a good long snuggle with your hubby will do the trick!