Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wow, it's been a busier week than I anticipated.

I've been in a funk all day today...I skipped Bible study (it's 4 weeks in and I have yet to get to it...or do ANY of the lessons...seriously, I don't know what I was thinking committing to a bible study in the fall.) and went throw-pillow shopping. Good news: I will no longer see feathers around my office floor from the awful Target pillows I had on my office couch. I now have wonderful, poly-filled leopard pillows from TJMaxx. They look great on my red couch and now I won't think there are spiders on my floor everyday. And if I DO see something on the floor, it's probably an actual spider!

The reason for my funk...I found out last night (after my mom did some investigating) that my Grandmother on my Dad's side died...LAST YEAR! And NO ONE TOLD ME. Seriously, that's messed up. Why would no one tell me?

I wasn't close to her, but there's a history there. I spent lots of weekends with her as a kid. Mixed emotions...families are funky. But I had some great looking through all her costume jewelry. She had tons of rhinestone pendants and brooches that made up huge lady bugs and flowers and animals. I'm sure it was all costume with a few real gems in there. But I loved it. And I never told anyone what good memories I had with it. And I'm sure it's been thrown out by now.

ANd that just makes me so sad.

So, funky day. Thank goodness my hubby went out and got me cupcakes. And I'm not cooking dinner tonight. And I get to watch the Palin/Biden debate tonight...should be entertaining. :)

I will be more myself tomorrow. With pictures even!


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hey friend--sorry it's a bad day. And I miss you at Bible guilt, just want you to know. See you tomorrow!!