Thursday, June 26, 2008

We're going camping tomorrow! In the midst of all of my grandma stuff (who is hanging on, bless her heart), we are going camping tomorrow. This is our ONE vacation this summer, so there is no way we would miss it. We need it. We really do. And our kids would kill us in our sleep if we didn't take them. Really. They are a little bitter that we have never gone camping before.
So, because we are the think-ahead type of people, we are going to Walmart today to get some gear. Like FLASHLIGHTS. And bug repellent. And snacks. And some kind of magical toilet that will flush. Wish us luck.


maile said...

a magical flushing toilet for camping! now i've heard it all! :)
have fun!
and God bless Grandma! :)

Anonymous said...

have a great time, Cath....I've heard it said, "The family that camps together, stays together!" So, apparently, if you can make it through this you can make it through anything!! relax and breath deep and yeah! no makeup:)
love, Gretch

Anonymous said...

I mean breathe....forgot the e