Tuesday, May 13, 2008

good with a wrench

After discovering a bird's nest in our drier vent (you know, the big fat hose that leads to the outside, the hose that blesses the world with much fine lint and steam), I removed the nest (don't worry, there were no eggs) and all the lint backed up behind the nest, reattached the hose, and pushed the drier back in place (I am FREAKISHLY strong), I CRUSHED the hose to the point of needing replacement.

Sooooooo, after talking to a nice man at Lowes, I got a skinny duct-like thing-a-ma-gig, and got it all set up and put together lickity-split and am drying a load of towels right now.

I feel like a million bucks. I love fixing things.

Sorry, I was too excited to take any pictures during the process. I know you are bummed, lol! :)

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