Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Obama power

No, I'm not trying to stir up any political discussion. Seriously. My eyes will glaze over.

But as my husband and I were watching Obama on "The Daily Show" last night, he was so fresh and light hearted. How does he do that? He's been campaigning like crazy, and he's up for stupid (yet funny) questions from John Stewart. Obama has been surrounded by people all day. ALL DAY. And he's up for discussing whether he will enslave all the white people once he's president. And he's laughing and smiling and ENGAGING.

I'm tired from walking around the mall.

Where does that Obama energy come from? Is it all about expectations? Is it some major Red Bull? Is it that he's so close to the Holy Grail that he has more capacity to dig deep? Or is it the result of being a big picture person?

I am a next-minute person. I am always stunned when the month changes. I see one step in front of me. I don't see the big picture. and I get overwhelmed easy. I wonder.

I remember when the kiddos were both toddlers, and I was exhausted by 6pm, I almost always found a little more to give. A little more patience. A little more love. A little more energy to read another story. And give baths. And blow kisses.

I think it's really easy to just not reach for those places when we don't HAVE to. When you don't have an election hanging in the balance. Or kids that will be "neglected."

My goal today (or maybe for a month...I'm working toward big picture, but I'm not quite there) is to dig a little deeper and see what happens.

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gekke mum said...

silly, it's because all politicians have made a deal with the devil...
no, i suppose it's because they are being worn out doing what they love. imagine that. someone else to do the laundry, the cleaning, the cooking...the mundane chores that wear you out.