Friday, April 25, 2008

Best THING ever!

It was Suessical the Musical last night. Does it get much better than that?!


I had this great idea a few years ago to give the kids their own coat hooks. Well. They lasted til a few weeks ago. Now we just lay the coats next to the wall where the coats should be. Our dog has discovered a new place to burrow. I think it makes her happy. Not that you can tell by her picture. Seriously, can a dog look more depressed! I swear she's happy. Really. We didn't even beat her today! (just kidding. do not send me emails. we do not beat our dog.)

I have the morning free today. I am listening to season one Project Runway and am nice and toasty next to my space-heater. love today. love friday. life is good.

1 comment:

Tawn said...

oh goodness, i wish I had cable. your pro-Project Runway comments have me sooo curious! We also have coat hooks in the kids' bathroom and the boys' bedroom. where are the towels? on the floor of their room. go figure.