Monday, February 25, 2008


Hi all!
Today was going to be filled with html and revamping my website.
But, alas, it is not meant to be.
I am sick. Again. More yucky intestinal stuff. More laying on the couch. More being freezing under covers. A shower would be good.
This always happens...I am always sick in Jan and Feb.

Anyway, I have a quick question before I go...I have become obsessed with the idea of getting a garment steamer. I HATE ironing. And my mom has been doing it for me (thanks mom!...even though it makes me feel like a complete weeny that I cannot stay on top of the ironing...I know you that YOU do not see me as a weeny, and that's really nice)...but I'd really like to get back to taking care of our clothes myself. Does anyone out there have a steamer that they would recommend?


true believer said...

I am not sure that is how one spells "weeny" =)

Anonymous said...

Don't know about a steamer. But, I have a friend who uses Downy Wrinkle release spray. Haven't tried it, but it was fun spraying it on all her clothes, then seeing the wrinkles go away. Hope you feel better soon. JW

Anonymous said...

We are iron-as-you-go over here...I must admit that I rarely iron anything that is not about to be put on a body. I iron for myself and Ian...and (ashamed to say) rarely for Dave or abby--they do their own. We all iron every morning...I've just never been one to do a bunch of ironing at I have NEVER been caught up on ironing...but I don't care...:) Good luck with the'll have to let me know about that. Get better.